Retractable Microfiber Car Duster

Retractable Microfiber Car Duster Bar

Our retractable microfiber car duster bar attracts dust like a magnet with its electrostatic charged fibers. Extending to almost three feet in length, this microfiber car duster bar gets the job done easily and even reaches across the roof of your car or SUV. Made from sturdy aluminum and soft microfiber, this is a truly amazing detailing tool that is made to stand the test of time. Keep one in your garage or throw one in your trunk and keep your car looking great all the time!

Mini Microfiber Car Duster

Mini Microfiber Car Duster

Our mini microfiber car duster is great for interior cleaning. Compact and ready for the toughest dust and hair, this mini car duster bar is the perfect detailing tool to keep in your car. It has a comfort molded handle and ultra-fine fibers for easy cleaning. Our mini duster is safe on any surface - interior or exterior and is very effective at trapping dust.

Water Blade

Silicone Water Blade

Our silcone water blade is the fastest and most efficient way of drying your vehicle. Great for all smooth surfaces including glass, paint, and plastic. The soft silicone material is 100% paint safe. The ergonomically designed handle is comfortable and easy to grip. Follow up with a microfiber drying towel for a spotless shine.